Tuesday, October 6, 2009

malvern star, the beginning.

the habbit started with an overpriced malvern star picked up off an old boy in thornlie. the front brake cable snapped as soon as i got it home and ever since then i've been learning how to fix pushies. i enjoy putting together bikes almost more than i enjoy riding them, the sense of accomplishment is addictive. after i built my first one, i wanted to do more - in different colours and different styles, so i did, and this page will show you a few of my bikes, my friends bikes & probably a few random bikes too.

this was my malvern star as it sat when i bought it. rusty, dilapidated and a bit rough. 10 gears of fury rolling on 27" wheels.

hawthorne green with white handpainted lugs.

finally it was given a set of 700c alex rims and i converted it to single speed.

that was the start. i'll show you more next time.

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